Gaga Costume Project [The Brainstorm]:

As I mentioned in my recent Artwork of the Day entry, I will be helping my sister bring Lady Gaga to life this year -by request- for her Halloween costume.

Gaga is known to wear some revealing leotards and outrageous, uh, garments.  However, my sister is in high school and things of that nature don’t really fly in the life of an average teenager, especially at school.  So to keep our Gaga-costume G rated (if that’s even possible) here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

continue under the cut for pictures and my ideas:


I drew a quick sketch of the Gaga-costume I believe my younger sister would like to wear this year.  Actually, she believes so too.  (sorry if it’s a little dark, lighting was bad)

Lady Gaga hardly wears feathers, so I thought it would be a nice way to spice this costume up if I worked them in.  Yes.  Feathers will consume the arms except for the hands and wrists, which will be adorned with accessories such as rings, bracelets, etc.  Underneath the feathered half-jacket thing will be a black corset.  We found a nice black studded one a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll take some pictures of it later.

My sister mentioned she would love to wear The Fame sunglasses.  You know, these:

They don’t look that hard to recreate, so I’ll probably end up making them.  I even found some cheap sunglasses that will work really well.  All I need are small crystals or shimmery plastic pieces to glue on.

Here are some accessories I’ve collected and made so far:


I suggested perhaps a mask like this one would also look cool (it’s up to her):

Anyway, as for the bottom half of the costume, I’m still uncertain… Since my sister will be wearing the Gaga-costume to school (and then out later that night), I suggested that something like the bottom half of this ensemble would work:

…I think so.  Obviously, the color scheme will be black and white, along with a splash of red, which will be recognizable.

What do you think??????

I don’t really care if the finished product comes up short of the psycho-Gaga everyone has grown accustom to.  It’s our interpretation.  Besides, with Lady Gaga, there are no rules.

I’ll update as I go…


(ugh, I’m tired of typing the word gaga so much >.<)


What is your opinion?

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