[Updated] It’s Time To Love, Revamped + Teaser

T-ara and Supernova‘s original TTL (Time To Love) has received plenty of love from me, so when I heard that Core Contents Media was going to give the popular song an upgrade, plus the addition of the remaining members of each group, I was a little on edge about the idea.  By upgrade, I knew they basically meant a remix of the song, with tweaked lyrics to accommodate the addition of the 5 left over members, bringing the grand total to a 12 member ensemble.  And surprise, surprise!!

Listen to TTL Listen.2 :

It sounds like a club-dance track now, compared to the more ominous original. But that’s not a bad thing.

I enjoy both, actually, I just really can’t distinguish voices in the revamped version.  The original probably beats the 2.0 version by a small margin.

on set MV pictures + teaser under the cut:

Lots and lots of dancing!!

Cr: vagabond190


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