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[Viral Vids] Zin TaeHwa’s Comeback Performance on M!countdown and Music Bank

The choice to go with the darker concept rather than the blonde for TaeHwa’s comback suits the title of the track nicely, I think.  They’re also sticking feathers in his head and the black just blends in better than the white.  It doesn’t look as awkward.  Take a look at what I’m talking about in this interview video:


Anyway, here’s Fallen Angel and it’s sweet choreography on M!countdown:

Black, blonde, feathers, whatever; I enjoy this song and I want to see TaeHwa perform it again.  With better mic quality, please.

Vid Cr: urasiansourceKpop + sweetestxz


Zin TaeHwa performed Fallen Angel on Friday’s Music Bank.  He switched it up to an all white theme for this performance, including the change from black hair to blonde.  Hell if I know if it’s a wig or not, or if he actually colored it.

The show had better audio this time around:

When all the dancers gathered around Zin TaeHwa, it was a bit of an eye sore.  There are too many guys going blonde, and with all the white, it just reminds me of G-Dragon.

As for me, the darker version is my personal preference.  Here’s a fancam of Fallen Angel at M!countdown.  It actually sounds better than the broadcast:


What is your opinion?

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