The Boy Band Tsunami…[Update with TaeYang Where U At MV]

…has hit Korea and I dunno how I feel about it >.<  Several guys are hitting the k-pop floor; some debuting and others are set to make a comeback at a moment’s notice.  Let me rundown the list of guys and hope I don’t get confused:

Let’s see, MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality (some name…)) will debut this Thursday on M!countdown.  This group is under ~the huge Korean idol~ Rain‘s agency – J Tunes Entertainment, and having that connection alone has gained these boys some major fans.  MBLAQ consist of Jung Byung Hee, Yang Seung Ho, Lee Chang Seon, Bang Chul Yong, and last minute addition (and also Sandara Park’s younger brother) Park Sang Hyun.  Their debut single will be Oh Yeah and it’s a song with a hint of a Spanish flare as a subtle guitar melody weaves in and out at the beginning and near the end.  This group is apparently going for a sexy image.  They’ve got charisma with a splash of aggressive demeanor.

Check out Oh Yeah and watch out for Sang Hyun doing a ‘Sandara-drop it like it’s hot-wipe of the face‘ at 1:17 :

OK!  NEXT up is B2ST, which is soon to be BEAST since they decided to change their name…this is a 6 member group and many already know a lot about these guys from an MTV documentary ‘B2ST’ which have given people an inside look at what this group is all about.  Cube Entertainment seems to have picked up the scraps left over from what other agencies thought weren’t up to par and merged them to form this brand new band, such as Jang Hyun Seung who was once a Bigbang member but was later cut due to his coy personality and lack of stage presence.  BEAST (B2ST, whatever) is made up of Yoon Doo Joon, Son DongWoon, Yang Yo Seob, Lee Ki Kwang, Jang HyunSeung, and Young Joon Hyung (hard to remember these names right now!) and here is their released single, Bad Girl.  And a note before you listen – if you aren’t a fan of autotune, hold on to your seat belts cuz here comes a large dose of it:

and here’s a teaser and a look at B2ST in action.  They will debut this Friday on Music Bank:

After their long absence on the music scene, SHINee is finally coming back with their new track, Ring Ding Dong this Friday on Music BankJonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Minho, and Key have gone through a transformation for their upcoming album, 2009, Year of Us and they will be releasing a brand new MV soon to their comback single – and actually here is the audio for Ring Ding Dong which was released yesterday.  It’s got a congo feel to it and OF COURSE there is dreadful autotune, which is disappointing, BUT besides that the song is actually nice.  I like the ‘Ring Ding Dong Ring Ding Dong Ring Diggi Diggi Ding Ding Ding’ craziness :D

CLICK HERE to watch the boys of SHINee talk about Ring Ding Dong and get a glimpse at their new looks.

Child of Empire, under Star Empire Entertainment, will debut in November, so I’ll hold off on saying a lot about them (cuz I hardly know anything…) but here is an intro of the members in video format.  There are 9 of them, count ’em NINE!:

Taeyang of Bigbang will release has released his new single Where U At this week along with the MV, but unfortunately he wont be promoting it.  What a bummer…

However, while he and his team prepare for the 11th of next month (yes, November!) here is his brand new MV to Where U At.  :D

Um, wow.  Taeyang’s dancing is amazing.  I don’t even know how he does it, but it looks really good.  The MV isn’t that interesting but the song sure is.

AND THAT raps it up for now.


5 thoughts on “The Boy Band Tsunami…[Update with TaeYang Where U At MV]

    • Thanks for commenting, Christina~~^^
      lol yes, yes, basically every guy in these groups is wearing makeup and it IS awkward to know when it’s so obvious, but I disagree. I don’t think they look ‘gay’, but more polished and theatrical. Image is equally as important when artists make their debut, but after that, quality will determine their fate, not their appearance. Artists wearing makeup? -Happens all the time~!:D

  1. well, Im likin MBLAQ they have this matured polish look plus good dancers the song is ver FINE. BEAST, likin this group also but the debut song its “uhg!” same with 4 minute songs so much autotune, the teaser song is much better, plus if people find them as BIGBANG, I dont think so theyre more resembles to 2PM, well the moves the sound and the outfits. and SHINEE sorry but I was never a fan of them but the song is OK. and TaeYang is BACK!!!!!

    • I totally agree with you pace13,

      MBLAQ’s dancing is really good, actually, but something about that guys facial hair disturbs me :P And I KNOW!! 4 Minute basically have autotune for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And now B2ST (BEAST)? Their melodies are quite nice, to be honest, but they need to cut autotune out of their lives, all of them. And I actually like SHINee’s new song. I am not a big fan of their past music, it’s just not my cup of tea, but this song isn’t half bad.
      Thanks for commenting! :D

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