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Boy Band Debuts + SHINee Sprouts Wings in MV Teaser

Yesterday I briefly talked about the wave of boy band debuts this week, and to kind of conclude that segment, here are the MBLAQ and BEAST (B2ST??) debut and showcase. If I HAD to choose between these two groups, I’d honestly have to go with MBLAQ, but that’s only if I was forced to pick between the two.  MBLAQ isn’t really doing it for me either, but here is why I wouldn’t choose BEAST –  1. I’m not a fan of BEAST’s song at all.  It sounds messy and cheesy.  and 2. They simply don’t appeal to me.  They really lack charisma (something MBLAQ sorta had in their debut, however they came off a bit cocky to me…which is not a good thing.) and they lack a presence, as in they’re not connecting with their audience when they’re ‘performing’ on stage.  Check out what I’m talking about below:

Aside from the debuting groups, SHINee is making a comeback this Friday on Music Bank with Ring Ding Dong.  They recently released an MV teaser and I don’t entirely understand the concept (I know they’re talking about butterflies in Ring Ding Dong, but bird wings?  Are butterfly wings too girl? :P), but the dynamics of the song and MV aren’t bad, and I’m actually enjoying this song.  It’s the best up tempo song to spew out of SHINee, in my opinion.

Check it out:

They look really good here.  They’re styling and hair really compliment each other nicely.  I particularly like what they did to Taemin‘s hair in his ‘bird’ ensemble, it almost takes his aura to another level.

And while I’m on comebacks, here’s MC Mong‘s Horror Show performance on M!countdown.  Pure awesomeness.


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