Song of the Day [16.10.09]

SHINee‘s Ring Ding Dong is literally ringing in my head.   It’s been my guilty pleasure for the past 48 hours.  I wasn’t that interested at first, but it has totally grown on me.  And after the MV teaser, I’ve just grown even more fond of it.  I admit it!!  But that isn’t the entire focus of this post ; I happened to stumble upon a fantastic beatboxer on youtube called TheBeatboxHitmanTwo and he actually beatboxed to the addictive Ring Ding Dong and I won’t lie, it is amazing.

(I’m not sure how long his current account will be up, since they suspended his previous account just today, BUT listen to it while you can.  Youtube has become a shrew lately >.<  (IRIS episodes have vanished, which is totally understandable, but still!  Bummer…!))

Anyway, want more of this fabulous beatboxing awesomeness??  Watch this mad beatbox hitman flow to Super Junior-M‘s Super Girl.  Um, wow.

Cr:  TheBeatboxHitmanTwo

Here’s the original Ring Ding Dong, performed recently on Music Bank.

And here is the much anticipated MV~!

…this song looks and sounds great on stage.

What do you think??


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