‘SunDara’ at it Again…


Sunny of SNSD has channeled Sandara of 2NE1 once more on Hello Baby.  A little over a month ago, Sunny imitated Dara’s ‘ you got the fire naye gasumul KUNG KUNG KUNG ‘ from 2NE1’s song, Fire, and it was pretty funny seeing her pose and dance around.  Now, she has done it again on a recent episode of Hello Baby and I’m guessing it’s a habit to do it whenever someone pulls her braid up, because the second that braid hits the air, SunDara is unleashed!! :D

Here is SunDara racing on a car:

and here is Sunny’s first Dara-impersonation on Hello Baby:

Vid Cr:  Limgyuwung1


6 thoughts on “‘SunDara’ at it Again…

    • I wont lie, I’m a 2NE1-fanboy ; their music is more of my style. But I actually like the members of both groups. Sunny happens to be one of my favorites in SNSD ^^ I’m guessing you’re a Girl’s Generation fanatic, yes? :D

  1. i didn’t know..
    behind SNSD sunny’s cute and sweet personality lies a devilish side of her. duh! this isn’t funny at it doesn’t seem like a joke. it’s more of insult.
    i am fan of SNSD and now i’m really confused. i don’t know if this attitude is only Sunny’s or it’s in their group. *sunny, what’s so funny about that? huh?*

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