FT Triple Teaser


An FT Island sub-group has been formed known as FT Triple, which consists of Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan. Leader Jonghoon and Bass-player Jaejin have traded their instruments in for a piano and Guitar.  Minhwan is still in charge of Drums, while Jaejin takes the vocals, something we’re used to seeing Hongki do, so this will be interesting.  I’m a fan of Jaejin’s vocal prowess.  He sings ‘trot’ very well and it’s entertaining to watch these guys perform.  A 50 second teaser to their title song, Love Letter, was released today and we’ll have to wait til the 26th for the full MV.

I think they will do great.  These guys just have a way with ballads…


2 thoughts on “FT Triple Teaser

  1. i watch the whole video already:) the tone was nice, the lyrics and most especially the VOCALS>.< im a fan of JAE JIN and his voice really added more love than ever:) its really cute:)

    • I agree! I’m a big fan of Jaejin’s voice. I especially love it in “Boy Meets Girl” from their ‘Cross & Change’ album:

      thanks for commenting!

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