G-Dragon News~~!


According to YG Entertainment, GD will be holding his very first solo concert this December!  Exciting, no?  After his successful solo debut with Heartbreaker, he will be hitting the stage of the Seoul Olympic Stadium for a two night concert on December 5th and 6th~~~!


The concert will be titled ‘Shine a Light‘.  Tickets will go on sale on the 28th and 30th of October, each priced at 77,000 WON ($66) o.o

– What a bummer for me since I live so far away, but to those who’ll be attending GD’s concert, lucky you!  The ticket’s will probably sell faster that what it took me to type this post, so good luck!!

ANYWAY, speaking of GD and concerts, G-Dragon was seen at Beyonce‘s I am…World Tour in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.  It’s a two day event and it started on the 20th and will end tomorrow, the 21st.  Looks like it was a chilly evening.  A very normal look for the very daring fashionista.



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