Gaga Costume Project [PICTURE Update]

GaGa Halloween Preview

Here is a very small taste of my sister channeling Lady Gaga for her Halloween Costume this year.  We found a really nice wig that was simply too perfect to pass up.  I haven’t finished her ensemble, so I’ll hold off on posting those photographs.  But I finished most of the glasses – they just need a little more detail.


I did my best with what I had. I bought some inexpensive sunglasses and hot-glued ‘plastic material’ on it.  I do not know what the plastic material was, because it was something I found in my house.  It was torn up parts of the ball at the end of a light up Christmas hat I found in my closet.  I wish I knew exactly what it was, but please pardon my lack of knowledge in the plastics department.



2 thoughts on “Gaga Costume Project [PICTURE Update]

  1. wow…thats creative…is that your sis on the first pic, love the make-up she look like “lady gaga” over all, haha. hope your sis will be the eye catcher on Halowwen Costume.

  2. Thanks! It IS my sister, she says she’s going to cake on a lot of make up to look lighter because we both are a little more tan than Lady Gaga, but so far she is loving how her costume is turning out! I’ll post updates on it later this week!

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