G-Dragon’s Favorite Song off His First Solo Album is Brought to Life in New MV

I honestly like what the people behind the MV to G-Dragon‘s Butterfly have done to really bring the song to life.  It is nothing like GD’s previous two MVs to the singles Heartbreaker and Breathe off his solo album, which were kinda all over the place and packed with choreography.  In fact, it is so distinct that I don’t really know how they’re supposed to form a trilogy.  And to further confuse me, G-Dragon is currently promoting A Boy.  Well, actually, I read that A Boy WAS originally meant to be the final song with a music video, but I guess GD felt Butterfly oughta be it instead.  Who knows, but now their idea of a trilogy is kinda not there anymore since the videos aren’t cohesive.  But watching Butterfly by itself, I thought it was nicely done.  It expresses a fantasy world, full of animation and color with a blissful aura.  I just think it really suits the feel of the song beautifully.  I prefer music videos like this one that take a song to another level, with thoughtful visuals and meaningful concepts, over a pointless 4 minute  video with nothing but dancing and glamour shots.  I don’t see meaning in that at all.  It’s cool but leave the dancing for the stage, no?  Anyway, watch what I’m talking about below and enjoy~!!


What is your opinion?

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