A Little Taste of ‘Inkigayo’

Inkigayo aired this weekend and I decided to do a little wrap up of who performed what and which acts I liked and which I didn’t.  I am not sure if I’ve posted them in chronological order, but here they are.  I’ll start off with MBLAQ:

  • I’m glad that guy with the facial hair isn’t wearing his goddamed sunglasses this time.
  • Their single, Oh Yeah, is not my cup of tea.  And they make it worse by repeating the phrase , oh I dunno, a million times.
  • Feathers must be in, cuz I’ve seen a lot of people wearing them.

  • The stylist must be dressing these boys with their eyes clothes, because they are a hot mess.  I don’t like saying it, but I just can’t help myself – HOT. MESS.
  • Dude, keep your shirt on, I think it’s a little early to start adopting the phrase ‘sex sells’…it would be a shame if that’s all you had to offer.
  • This song is annoying too.  It’s all over the place.
  • I hate saying this, but the Bigbang-reject just doesn’t stand out and I’m questioning his presence in this group.
  • The thing I don’t like about seeing choreography is when it’s done half-assed, and these dudes aren’t hitting it hard enough, and it’s their debut.  C’mon.

  • Speaking of half-assed performances, here’s another one.  I can basically hear SS501 count 5, 6 ,7, 8, and 1 all through Love Like This.
  • I don’t hate these guys though…they are MUCH more believable in Only One Day.  I like the song better than Love Like This, and their vocals are nice here.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about Jin TaeHwa’s outfit…it’s probably the tassel crap hanging from the back.
  • I would hate to have to stuff my head with feathers every performance.  I still prefer the black ‘Fallen Angel’.  Fallen + Black = makes sense
  • I am still in love with the MV to this song.  It’s one of the best ones out there this fall.

  • OUCH!  My ears!!
  • And are my eyes deceiving me or does 4 Minute look like f(x) here???
  • Never liked these girls…they eat autotune for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  No joke.

  • I still have this song on my playlist.  ^^~!
  • I give the styling a thumbs up.  They look really good.
  • Is it just me, or do the girls sound out of it??  The red head sounds way outta tune.
  • Short girl seems out of place, is it her height?  Or something else???  o.o

  • Best boyband out right now.  MBLAQ and BEAST don’t stand a chance.  Ring Ding Dong just oozes excitement.
  • The members of SHINee wear the tightest pants on earth.  They’re gonna end up sterile if they don’t loosen up their jeans!
  • Here’s a treat :D – Click Here to watch them on a recent episode of Star Golden Bell.

  • I am just gonna come out and say it – I don’t like G-Dragon’s hair.  Not only does it look really messy (which was probably intended), but frankly, kinda gross from a profile view.  I will say this though, better than the perm last week.  >.<
  • Other than that, the performance itself wasn’t bad.  His dance break was pretty nice.
  • What’s with the kilt.  Was that even necessary??

  • I’m peeved from seeing Taeyang wear that hat during this performance.  I can’t see his face at all.  Is it to hide the fact that he hardly sang the song?
  • Where is Teddy??  Jeez.
  • I really like this song, and the choreography looks great, but I don’t understand how the song Where U At relates to a dark alley in any way, shape or form.  He’s talking about looking for his true love and that ‘she’ exists somewhere out there, right?  But who looks in a filthy alley for true love??  Shoot, you’ll find a freaking hobo or a hidden gang if you’re not careful.
  • Was it AMAZING?  No.  But overall it was good.

  • This is the kind of charisma I would like to see from those new boy bands.
  • This is a really good song!  I’m a fan ^^~!
  • Seeing those people roll around in those chairs made me laugh.
  • Kim Tae Woo can sing his heart out.  Best performance in my humble opinion.
  • And he won for the second week in a row, woo.


Vid Cr:  CodeMonmonSeason3

Watchu think of Inkigayo this weekend?


What is your opinion?

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