FT Island’s Raining Japanese Album + FT Triple’s Two Date Released


FT Island finally released their newest Japanese Album, Raining.  It contains three songs, which to my surprise, includes much more singing from the other members aside from Lee Hongki, who we all know is the lead vocals of the band~~~

Track List:

01. Raining
02. Everything is Possible
03. It’s U

audio under the cut:

Raining is my personal favorite song of this album, but I was pleasantly surprised by the other two.  They’re not the typical mopey ballads I would expect from FT IslandClick Here for a video and some pictures of these gentlemen in the recording studio for this brand new album.






FT Triple, a sub-group formed by FT Island’s Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Min Hwan and Lee Jae Jin, is set to begin promotions with their first single Love Letter on the 29th of this month.  FT Triple’s album forms the second part to the re-release album Double Date, which is split into One Date and Two Date.  The MV to Love letter was revealed today, and here it is!   It’s a very soft song, with a subtle melody ~ Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “FT Island’s Raining Japanese Album + FT Triple’s Two Date Released

  1. thanks for sharing…personaly I like their japanese songs more than the korean songs. It does shows there vocal and instrument skills.

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