Park Bom’s Emotional ‘You and I’ Single + MV Released Today


It’s a big day for Park Bom.  Her single, quickly followed by the MV, was released today and from the sound of it, I’m positive it’s going to be a great hit.  The song is very emotional, with lyrics such as ‘you and I together, it just feels so right‘ coupled with the heartbreaking MV, You and I will likely have many ladies out there tearing up.  The one thing I enjoyed the most from the MV is the abundance of cuteness oozing from Bom.  It’s effortless.  I don’t care how old she is, the girl is cute!!  And her powerful vocals are just complimented nicely by her adorable personality.  I admire Park Bom for sustaining her innocence at the age of 26 (Korean years), it’s amazing and she will forever be charming.

Here is the MV to You and I:


4 thoughts on “Park Bom’s Emotional ‘You and I’ Single + MV Released Today

  1. this is why I stay uplate just to see her MV first b4 going to bed.
    it really got me teary eyed McRoth, hope u too. my time ddnt wasted. love the song.

  2. You’re right, she’s oozing with cuteness and charm not just in this MV but in other MVs and even in pictures. But, no I didn’t cry after watching it…. :P the lyric is touching, though.
    Congratzzz Bom!!!

  3. Further more, I hope there will be an acoustic version of this… then maybe I’ll cry rejoicing… or a pop with raps version of You and I… Hehe…

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