You’re Beautiful Episode 8 is Out

You're Beautiful

[READ THIS: Sadly, the videos I used weren’t working anymore.  BUT because of my compassionate nature, I have provided a link to subbed episodes from beginning to end.  Click here.]

I won’t lie, I’m not a big fan of (Lee Hongki) Jeremy‘s hair.  At all.  It almost looks accidental, as in some silly hairstylist did not mean to literally butcher Jeremy’s head >.< ”  At a distance it looks fine, but come the headshots and my aura just shifts!!  I dunno.  I’ll probably get used to it, but right now, I just feel saddened and disturbed.  HOWEVER, all tragedies aside, this drama continues to deliver and I can’t wait for next week.

Here is this week’s second episode (number Eight) of You’re Beautiful.  Enjoy~!



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