Random Post [30.10.09] #5


For all the SHINee fans out there, here is the making-of Ring Ding Dong on E! NEWS Korea.  They discuss the meaning of the song (something I was a little confused about, but thankfully  they cleared it up), Afro Electro, new hairstyles, and choreography.


Speaking of Ring Ding Dong, SHINee won first place on Music Bank two weeks after their comback.  It’s their first win with their latest single and, honestly, I’m not surprised.  The song is already a big hit, and it will only grow bigger.



One other song I’m interested in is (surprisingly) Brown Eyed GirlsSign.  To be blunt, I wasn’t a big fan of the song Abracadabra, only it’s choreography because, let’s face it, it’s hot. However, I heard their Sign last night and watched the MV – which I’m a bit uncertain about – and I actually liked it.  First off, I think they look AMAZING and second, the song is good.  It’s strangely staccato yet subtle.  I’m not intrigued by the chorus, per se, but more the verses.  I find them quite interesting…


What is your opinion?

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