Netizens And The Controversial Stick Up Their Ass


The Pantie-Twisted Netizens ~ Case #1:

No joke.  Some netizens have seriously got their panties in a bunch.  The whole ‘YG bias‘ on Inkigayo‘s part is simply dumb.  And I don’t know what the irritated netizens are doing complaining to SBS, when the questions should be directed to YG.

Park Sung Hoon, the producer of Inkigayo stated the following:

We never offered YG to perform at our stage under the condition of appearing on no other music programs…We select the stars based strictly on their popularity, just like most of the other music programs do. We cannot deny the guarantee of appearances we give to the popular groups…”

…as in YG is welcome to perform because they welcome EVERYONE.  So netizens need to stop pulling that crap with Inkigayo.  Park Sung Hoon also mentioned the ancient Idol Big Show:

“We never favored YG artistes for the Idol Big Show. Because of their popularity, we asked them to sing two to three songs, just like the rest of the stars. I think people just think that they took the majority of the showtime because they all appeared consecutively toward the end of the show. Honestly, we offered other famous singers to sing more songs, but they rejected due to their busy schedules. The rumor about our favoritism toward YG is very unfair.”

It’s a fact that YG’s Big Bang and 2NE1 performed more songs than the rest of the other artistes that day.  It is also a fact that the other singers were unable to perform longer, and thus rejected Inkigayo’s proposal for a broader show.  It’s a television program.  Time is a factor, as in they must fill the show, and if YG was available for the taking during the period that Inkigayo did filming for the Idol Big Show special, then why not allow them to do so?

I am unsure about Inkigayo’s ratings and it’s popularity, but my theory is that if the program brings in a large audience, then it’s not a bad idea for an agency to showcase their artistes on such a show.  And vice versa.  As for why YG chooses SBS, only they have the answers.

  • Who is telling these netizens that they are forced to choose one celebrity over the many, many others?  That’s ridiculous.  And dumb.
  • And you do know that this pantie-twisted frenzy not only affects YG, but your favored celebrities as well.


The Sore Loser Netizens ~ Case #2:

On Inkigayo this weekend, SHINee won the Mutizen Award, beating out their tough competition, something the netizens weren’t too satisfied with. Particularly the SS501 fanbase, whom also had their comeback in October, led protests and demanded from SBS Inkigayo for a breakdown of the scoring and calculations.


Their fit is derived from album sales.  Netizens aren’t buying that SHINee’s album sales were enough to score higher than those of SS501.  Plain and simple.

Like many online readers, I only read articles and inform myself enough to know what is going on.  I can only trust what I read and if what I’m reading is incorrect information, then my bad.  But from what I’ve gathered, it seems as if these obsessive netizens are nit-picking at the obvious.  People are thinking too hard and allowing their competitiveness to dictate reason.  SHINee released their album before SS501, right?  So it’s reasonable to agree with this win.  The longer an album has been on the market, the more sales it will have in comparison to an album that hit sales just recently.  Mind you, I’m not an expert in these kinds of things, I’m only looking at it from the outside.

I doubt the team who calculates these wins waited til the last second to see who was topping who.  Don’t quote me on that.  But I do agree, let the public know how the winners are chosen, but chill out on the protests.  It’s unnecessary and only exposes those specific fanatics in a bad light.  As sore losers!


The Conformist Netizens ~ Case #3:

Brown Eyed Girls recently released their song Sign, along with a dramatic MV, one which has taken some netizens to an uncomfortable place.  Some people have reacted in such a way as to deem the video inappropriate, promotional torture and violent.  For real.  I will agree that it is quite violent, but so what?

The thing these netizens don’t understand is the concept behind it; the ‘bigger picture‘ and why or how it relates to the song.  There is a clear story line.  And where there is a story line, there is a concept.  The only thing I can advise these crybabies is to parallel what you’re viewing to what you’re hearing.  It’s a beautiful MV, in my humble opinion, and if it really made you think, or you were impacted by it in any way, it did it’s job.  End of story.

Netizens need to stop dictating what these artistes ought to do.  Performance and entertainment is not only their job, but their passion.  Even if BEG and their agency had warned of the ‘violence’, people were going to watch the video anyway.  In fact, it would have made people want to watch it, because we’re prone to act on curiosity like that.  It is obvious from Abracadabra, that BEG do not give a crap what people think, so just chill the heck out, genuinely think about what you’re watching and read between the lines, if you will.

Do you agree that obsessive netizens need to chill out?


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