Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance MV~!

Lady Gaga

After her grand triumph this year with her debut album The Fame, Lady Gaga is set to launch The Fame Monster on November 23rd.  The title track, Bad Romance, has circled the internet thousands of times in thousands of places in thousands of versions.  Lady Gaga mention on recent interviews that this project isn’t about fame at all, but more of her fears.  The fear of death, fear of love, the fear of rejection.  She says that it isn’t a re-release of the fame, but an entity on it’s own.  The new album will be available in brand new packaging, along with a book.  On The Fame Monster, she has collaborated with various artists, such as Beyonce, which should really add to the dynamics of her comeback.  The title track Bad Romance has already been receiving tons of airplay here and I’ve anticipating it’s MV.  Well, as of yesterday, the MV to Bad Romance has finally been released and it’s everything that Lady Gaga is known for.  Check it out~!

I like how she keeps pushing the envelope.  She’s doing a great job one-upping herself time and time again, and this MV is clearly another Gaga.  With bug eyes, monsters, and killer platforms, Lady Gaga shows no mercy and no sign of toning it down on her hysterically awesome performance art.



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