From ‘Wedding Dress’ to ‘Bad Romance’ + TOP’s Song On ’19’, And HeartBeat MV~~~!


A bunch of music has been released this week. I have 4 songs here today out of many, many more.

Taeyang finally revealed the MV to Wedding Dress.  His next solo album will be released next year, meanwhile his promotions will begin this week with a digital release of Wedding Dress and a live stage pretty soon.  Taeyang will grind promotions til the end of this year.  Here is the MV~!

Yae or Nae?

The whole love triangle thing was kinda funny.  I laughed a little when Taeyang and the girl were on top of the vehicle and suddenly person #3 pops in to crash the party xD  I like the song, but to be totally honest, I sort of like Where U At more o.o


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga will perform her next chart-topper, Bad Romance,  on the American Music Awards on November 22th, one day before the release of the standard edition of her upcoming album, The Fame Monster.

Her new MV has already surpassed the  4 million mark on YouTube views in just a couple of days~!  WOW.



Does TOP have a new song up his sleeve that we don’t know about?

Um, sounds like he does.  Here is a low quality audio clip from his movie 19.  The song is called extraordinary 라니 (Rani) and I hope to hear a clearer version of this because it sounds pretty hot.

Take a listen:


2PM2PM released the official music video to Heartbeat off their new album 01:59PM.  They are set to perform live on this weeks Music Bank.  Out of the songs on their new album, this one is probably the only one I like.  Something about it just makes me like it.  Here it is, enjoy~!

Unfortunately for fans, 2PM wont be appearing on variety shows anytime soon.  They will only focus on activities related to their music and their comeback album.



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