Weekend Wrap-Up Monday~!


I kinda fell behind this weekend and didn’t really post anything.  It felt weird not commenting on anything K-pop related.  I totally felt it’s absence and here I am, making up for lost content.

As are all my posts – brief, simple, and straightforward – here is a quick wrap up of some of the things that’ve been going on.  This all may be old news by now, but here it is anyway.  I’ll commence with Inkigayo.

SHINee came out victorious last weekend and won their third Mutizen (called a triple crown, I believe) and expressed their gratitude through their me2Day, which is the equivalence of twitter in Korea.

[Jonghyun] Triple crown!! Heart throbbing mutizen song!!! Let’s go far with your love~ Everyone be careful of the cold!!

[Key] I love you ♥ (I was a little surprised hehe)

[Taemin] Thank you all the noonas  dongsaengs aunts who give their best for us^^!! Everyone jjang, I am really happy^^;;;

[Minho] Onew hyung~ recover fast so we can perform together~ You know that there must be all 5 of us for SHINee to shine, right~?

Onew was absent due to the influenza A H1N1 that has been plaguing celebrities left and right.  He is reportedly recovering well and should be ready to go very soon.

Here they are performing Ring Ding Dong, sans Onew:

and their win:


This week was Park Bom‘s second live performance of You and I.  A couple weeks ago, she was criticized from her outfit to the shaky choreography.  I wont blame the netizens this time, cuz It WAS a little on the rough side.  But she did manage to pull together a much cleaner performance on Inkigayo last weekend.

Was I satisfied, though?  Not entirely.  Watch.

I had a problem with her head turning every two seconds half way through the song.  I didn’t get it.  And I was more irritated that she kept stopping and letting the track play while she just stood there awkwardly.  She looked great, sounded alright, but the performance as a whole was a little below average for me.  Almost, dare I say it, mediocre.  It looked as if she was auditioning for American Idol or something.  I love her, but she needs to work harder on her performing skills because it’s all still shaky and really lacks a wow factor.

But that’s just me, though…


moving along to Taeyang, who debut Wedding Dress for the first time on stage.  Watch as he does a whole lot of dancing with hardly any singing…aside from the occasional ad libs.  ohh~!

This dude is FIT.  And his moves are pretty neat.  I’m jealous >.<  I thought he did a good job for his comeback, but this will probably be the one time I sit here and watch the whole thing through, cuz it wasn’t amazing enough for me to keep the video (nor the song) on replay.  Nice choreography, though, especially at the bridge and chorus.

Oh, and he gave a little taste of Where U At, just cuz he’s cool like that.


There were several other people who performed, but I’m either not interested, or I’m too unfamiliar to comment on them.  Although I like 2PM‘s Heartbeat, Inkigayo’s performance was NOT that great.  Something was off with the audio.

The Inkigayo team later apologized for it.


I don’t know much about this next duo, but all I know is that Nadia is made up of Hwang Hyun and Myung In Hee.  It’s a new project group from SM Entertainment.  This video was released yesterday via YouTube and it’s a surprisingly good cover of Kara‘s Mister.

Aren’t they refreshingly charming!?  I think so…

Their mini album will be released November 18th~!


Here’s Big Bang performing Let Me Hear Your Voice in Japan.  I like that TOP is growing his hair out.  It looks good.  They all do, actually.  The only thing I would change, if I was allowed to, was to remove GD‘s sunglasses.  That’s a pet peeve of mine, when people wear them indoors, and not even GD gets a pass with me.

And speaking of, I believe he either messed up big time, or someone failed to edit the audio.  Because GD’s rap is way off.  It’s pretty obvious, listen.




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