[Viral Vids] Minji and CL Duet + FT Island Concert!

We planned to release this song in November, with secret planning, and even limiting the girls’ appearances to build anticipation. Since the solo album will come out late, we hope that the fans would appreciate this gift for them.”

They may be the youngest members but they have been practicing hard with the other two senior members watching over their practices closely and cheering them on. Even before debut, their raps, vocals, and performance potential were very impressive so we are confident that the results will be good.” – YG Entertainment

2NE1‘s Minji and CL‘s duet will be titled Please Don’t Go, which was produced by Teddy (of course) and it’ll be released as a digital single November 20th.  o.o

Same day as New Moon – oh snap.

And to top it off, Minji and CL will perform Please Don’t Go the following day at MAMA on the 21st.  Then at the 2009 Spread the Love Concert the very next day~!  I am honestly looking forward to the next few days, and can’t wait to see what 2NE1 has in store this weekend.

And don’t forget about the American Music Awards here in the US, with a huge line-up of musicians from Jay Z to Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga.  I hope everyone delivers this weekend.  It’s set to broadcast live this Sunday November 22th ~!



EXCLUSIVEFT Island’s Concert Whipped 4,000 Fans Into A Frenzy.
“Rock Prince” FT Island Performed With Great Energy Despite The Early Winter Chill.

FT Island met up with 4,000 fans at their “2009 FT Island Nationwide Tour Concert“, held on 14th and 15th November, at Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium. The concert lasted for more than 2 hours and they sang a total of 25 songs, including their debut title song “Lovesick” as well as their latest title song ”Barae“, rocking the fans into a frenzy. Among the crowd, fans from other Asian countries were also spotted at the concert.

With their playing skills coming to a higher level of perfection, FT Island performed sensational songs like “Missing U“, ” Bad Woman“, “Lie“, “After Love“, “Bing Bing Bing“, “Barae“, etc. The members’ solo acts were also impressive. Even though it was physically tiring for Lee Hongki, who is currently busy with the filming of SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“, he captivated the audience with his sorrowful vocals and received applause from many. Jung Yonghwa, who also starred in the same drama, appeared with his bandmates from C.N.Blue at the concert as special guests.

Sports Hankook managed to steal some time with the members at their concert venue.

# ‘Jeremy’ is here
Lee Hongki appeared as ‘Jeremy‘, his role in SBS drama “You’re Beautiful“. He also led his partner in the drama “Jolie” on stage while singing “Still” from the drama OST. Lee Hongki also put the audience in a pretty sweat with his little scream at “Jolie“.

# ‘Magician’ Choi Minhwan
Drummer Choi Minhwan showed off his singing talent during his solo stage. He revealed his beautiful voice with the song “Magic Castle“. Right after that, he performed a magic trick and drew the fans’ attention with his quick hand movements.

# ‘Sonagi’ Lee Jaejin
Lee Jaejin did a scene from his previous musical “Sonagi“. Wearing the uniform from the musical, he sang the song “I Will Always“.  Though he started the stage with a shy smile, he regained his serious image as the song progressed.

# ‘Multi-talent’ Choi Jonghoon
Choi Jonghoon seemed to be the busiest member at the concert. Besides playing the piano and guitar, he also played a part in the chorus and raps.  During his solo stage, he transformed into Ricky Martin and danced to “Livin’ La Vida Loca“, captivating the fans.

# ‘Joker’ Song Seunghyun
This is the first time Song Seunghyun is performing on a big stage after joining the band. Without getting much sleep for the previous nights, he still played his guitar glamourously on stage. During his solo stage, he sang and danced to Psy’s “Champion” and “Entertainers“, giving the audience a great laugh.

# ‘Fans’ Spirit’
There were lots of nutritional food products in Lee Hongki’s waiting room. Fans were afraid that he would tire himself out due to “You’re Beautiful” drama filming as well as concert rehearsals so they prepared these for him. He went on stage with gratitude in his heart and sang for his fans.

# Matured ‘Men’s Stories’
FT Island displayed their matured images at the concert. Just like the theme “Mens’ Stories“, FT Island captivated their fans’ hearts with their strong playing skills and outstanding performance.

Credits: hankooki + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)



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