CL and Minji’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ And Details of 2NE1’s Upcoming Performances on MAMA + Beyonce’s Video Phone MV Stills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

CL and Minji‘s duet was released today~!  It’s an up tempo song with heavy beats and an interesting structure and mesh of raps and vocals.  I wasn’t expecting anything other than something like this.  They both possess strong dance and rapping skills, which this song will most likely showcase this weekend at MAMA.

Please Don’t Go:

Speaking of MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), it was released that Sandara – and probably Bom– will perform solo as well.  Sandara will sing KISS for the first time on stage.  A kiss scene with actor Lee Yong Woo (SBS Style) was proposed for the performance, but was later scrapped.  However, he will play part of a musical performance of I Don’t Care along with all four members of 2NE1.



Beyonce’s MV to her song Video Phone is receiving mixed responses.  Some love it, some are unsatisfied with it, and others are simple confused.  Beyonce seems to have been doing the whole ‘stand in-front of a backdrop and dance like crazy the entire duration of the song‘ for the past few MVs.  And this one is no different.

~Here are some stills from the MV featuring Lady Gaga~

Comments on this particular MV have been quite amusing to read.  They range from this:

Beyonce looks sexy!  I love this song!

to this:

Beyonce has clearly sold her soul to Satan aka the devil. 1:01 u can see the snake/serpent on her clothes 1:20 you see Satan uses her to deceive the world. ppl wake up & and ask Jesus to save you.

What do you think???  Click Here to watch Beyonce really push the envelope with this song.

The song isn’t half bad, but the MV is an acquired taste.  I personally think the music video is as disturbing and provocative as the song itself.  They pair together pretty well.  It’s as raunchy as you would expect given the concept in the lyrics of Video Phone.  Right?  The song is vulgar, so why shouldn’t the MV be as crude?

And ALSO – Lady Gaga has a song featuring Beyonce, as well.  It’s titled Telephone.  Take a listen:

Video Phone or Telephone??



What is your opinion?

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