‘Ninja Assassin’ Preview on Attack of The Show!

I was watching Attack of the Show on G4 today, and I was excited to see a preview of Ninja Assassin along with an interview with Rain and great clips and Engrish!!  After listening to the producer describe Ninja Assassin, they’ve convinced me to go and watch the – in the words of Rain – ‘kick ass‘ film tomorrow, November 25th.

*Ninja Assassin follows the revenge-seeking adventure of the world’s deadliest trained killer (Rain).


Interviewer Blair Herter, referred to Rain as a ‘K-pop sensation,’ which was pretty nice to hear coming from my television speakers for the first time ever, and producer, Joel Silver, detailed his martial arts training and the fact that Rain did basically all the crazy stunts in the movie himself – “People will be impressed with him in this picture, you connect with him…all the stuff you see him doing, he does.”  The interview gets pretty comical when Rain is asked to put a legend to rest – “Can Rain impregnate women with his mind?”  Rain responded with nothing but a seductive sigh.  The preview was full of action and crazed ninjas running around in a frenzy, flinging and tossing deadly weapons, with blasts of blood showering the screen like rain.  Click here for the preview on Attack of the Show and go see Ninja Assassin this Thanksgiving weekend!  Because I will, and I’ll post my review as soon as I do.

Ninja Assassin runs for 1 hour and 39min. and is rated R for strong bloody stylized violence throughout, and language.  No duh.



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