Girl Groups Release Brand New MVs

Korean girl group, T-ara, has made a comeback with their brand new album titled Absolute First Album.  The title is a little on the bland side, but the content was kind of unexpected.  I was surprised to hear the entire album was basically a dance record with most of the songs being totally fist pumping good.  Click here to listen to the album in full.  Most of the songs get really repetitive, but if I’m listening correctly, the album has obvious tones inspired by techno and dance music, which is pretty much what dance melodies are, and for me, that’s acceptable.

Here is the MV to Like The First Time.  They released three separate music videos, 2 of which are different versions of the same song, Bo Peep Bo peep.


Another group that has released new music is After School.  They had great success with their catchy up-tempo track, Diva, and now they’re back, mellowed out apparently, with Because of You.  Recently, one of the members of After School ‘dropped out‘ and was replaced with 2 new members.  I haven’t figured out who is who yet, but the song isn’t half bad.

Here is the MV to Because of You:


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