Weekend Wrap-up Monday~!

G-Dragon had his first solo concerts this weekend, Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th, and it sounded pretty exciting.  Big Bang made a special appearance on the last day of the Shine A Light Concert, which kicked my envy to a whole other level.

damjes07 @ youtube has uploaded the full concert in audio format for our indulgence.  Here is part 1 of 12, and click here for the continuation of this spectacle.

01 Heartbreaker [Remix Ver.]
02 This Love
03 Hello [feat. Dara]
04 Gossip Man
05 G-Pod [He flicked through a massive iPod and played songs from his past]
06 A Boy
07 꼬마룰라
08 The Leaders
09 Breathe [Remix Ver.]
10 Parody Clip [feat. Seungri & Daesung]
11 Butterfly
12 But I Love You
13 She’s Gone [Remix Ver.]
14 SE7EN – ?, ?, LaLaLa, LaLaLa [Remix Ver.]
15 Only Look At Me [feat. Taeyang]
16 Korean Dream [feat. Taeyang]
17 1 Year Station
18 Lies [BIG BANG Ver.]
19 Last Farewell [BIG BANG Ver.]
20 Heartbreaker [Encore Ver.]

AA-CHAN has provided great coverage of Shine A Light, since he attended both concerts, and it really looked like a lot of fun.  Thousands of VIPs must have died this weekend, seriously!


I also can’t wait to see what Big Bang provides next year, since it has been confirmed that they will be hitting the stage again in January and releasing a new album later next summer.  After listening to Lies and Last Farewell through the audio of GD’s Shine A Light Concert, I’ve gotten kind of excited because not only will I be getting a heavy dose of Big Bang, but let’s not forget that 2NE1 is set to release their full length album sometime next year as well!!

And speaking of 2NE1, they will be making their second variety show appearance December 27th on MBC’s Sunday Night ‘Danbi‘.


SHINee member, Minho, arrived in Vancouver, Canada last week.  He was well received at the airport by many K-Pop fanatics, watch:

While there, the Dream Team was in UBC, a university in Canada, and they participated in several activities, such as this buoy game.  Unfortunately, Minho ends up hurting himself.  It doesn’t look like a big-time injury, but he showed a little pain after his tumble.

Besides that, they also danced to Ring Ding Dong about a dozen times, and Abracadabra.



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