Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Delight is one of those groups that produces the kind of pop music that I really enjoy.  It’s important to make the distinction between pop music and pop(ular) music.  All that stuff you hear on the radio which is promoted at large through the mainstream media is primarily the latter.  Pop music #1 can be manipulated into synth-pop, glam, eletro-pop, etcetc.  That’s the stuff I like.  And Delight makes beautiful pop music.  For example, they provided a sweet tune 1min30seconds into this video, which I think is absolutely cute (although I haven’t a clue what they’re singing about (mind translating??))

Anyway, this group – composed of dk, zxis, Dyu-Dyu and U-Me – recently released their debut single, which will soon be followed on December 8th with their debut album.

I think I enjoy listening to Delight particularly because they remind me of the similarly pop-influenced group from Mexico, Belanova.  You don’t know who they are ~ then take a listen:

Both groups make amazing music and I will definitely be investing in Delight’s album when it drops~!


What is your opinion?

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