DBSK’s New Song – Break Out~!

DBSK/TVXQ were said to be releasing a brand new Japanese single this month, and today it finally happened!  It’s called Break Out and it has a nice hook, I think, something the songwriters for DBSK happen to do very, very well.  Good song.  It also has the reoccurring message I can’t break don’t forget, baby we keep the faith eternally (right?) which subtly graces over their 2009 lawsuit against SM Entertainment and their “slave contracts”.  However, the strength and stability of that phrase is to be determined as time goes on, because from previous performances and interviews, also a recent fan-signing cancellation by the group, there are clear chasms here.  We’ll see once all 5 begin promoting it, and I’m honestly anticipating the promotional video, as well~!

Here is the full audio:

The hook is what really makes it for me.  I dunno how they do it, but it happens every time with DBSK.  Not all hooks out there are good though, a lot actually, really suck hard.  I would’ve liked to hear a nicer middle-8, because frankly, it wasn’t that special, but the song as a whole is good.  It sounds very Japanese.

The song doesn’t call for outstanding choreography, so I’m predicting that it wont be that great and I’m hoping for that reason alone, that the video to this song is a little more elaborate with a strong concept.  I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t decide to add yet another PV of them just dancing around on a pointless set.

Always keep the faith, though~!


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