McRoth’s Top Songs of 2009 [Part 1]

After some reminiscing, I decided to compile a list of 15 artists that I indulged in this year.  This year was rather interesting because 2009 was the year that Korean pop culture decided to take over half of my life and reveal to me the beauty and awesomeness of K-pop.  It’s as if my taste in music did a back flip and transformed, honestly.  And this list is definite evidence of that.

This was a frustrating process, 1.) because I listened to VARIOUS artists – I didn’t even know where to begin, and 2.) choosing which songs summed up the top players of this year was an extra load of agony.  But I did it.  I even cheated a bit and added bonus contenders that were close to making my top 15 list.

This list is in no particular order.  And a heads-up : These 1st 5 that I have mentioned here are more of a serious reminder of what I listened to in 2008 and a platform for everyone to base the transition that I’ve gone through in 2009 and what there may be to expect in 2010.

[FYI: Many of these songs weren’t released in the year 2009, but were listened to by my humble ears, regardless]

Here is part 1 of My Top Songs of 2009

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

She may be a troubled woman, but Amy knows how to bust out amazing songs.  It’s been a long time since we’ve heard of her, but she’s had some fantastic couple of years in the past and her music lived on through me in 2009. I replayed Valerie countless of times in the first quarter of this year and it’s definitely my favorite song of hers.  Mark Ronson did an amazing job on this remake.   And another song of hers that was 1cm away from the win was Back to Black off of her sophomore album.  omfg.  That song is just as beautiful.  I’m hoping Amy Winehouse makes a comeback soon because I need my hit.

M.I.A. – World Town

MIA has been around for a few years, so has her music obviously, but it left  an incredible impression on me that once you’ve listened to her hypnotic tracks, you just aren’t going back.  All of her songs were seriously worthy of a spot on this list, but I chose one of my favorites, World Town.  I don’t judge most of what I listen to on the notion that you must be able to sing well to be considered a musician or artist or what-eva.  MIA’s voice is very monotone, but it’s the way she produces her music that defines how innovative she is.  There is depth in the process of her music and it’s honestly an incurable disease. Like an STD or something; that serious.
Girls Aloud – The Promise

This one is a big ‘wtf was I going through to have wanted to listen to these ladies?‘  But sure enough, I was hooked and Girls Aloud made me outta control.  I think I was watching the X-Factor on youtube last winter when I happened to watch them perform The Promise and from that point on, I was won over.  I know all of their names and I have even gone back in time and listened to their earlier singles and omfg I went Girls Aloud psycho manic from the end of 2008 to two months into 2009.  I even ordered their Out of Control album, I went that crazy.  Nicola is my particular favorite, if you were wondering.  She has a different sound to her voice and I really like it.

Porta – En Boca de Tantos

I stumbled upon this Spanish rapper on MySpace.  He’s from Barcelona, Spain and is quite popular within the rapping community there.  He had an awesome album out in 2008 called En Boca de Tantos and I just couldn’t stop listening to his amazing rapping skills.  He’s very unique compared to a lot rappers in the world and his Spanish vocabulary and phrasing in his lyrics are impressive.  If you understand Spanish, take a listen to En Boca de Tantos because it’s pretty awesome.

Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss A Beat

This is one of my favorite bands ever.  Kaiser Chiefs are quirky, fun, and they basically released an anthem with Never Miss a Beat last year.  I played this A LOT in 2008 and 2009, dunno why, I guess cuz I was heavily addicted, along with a few other of their songs.  I’m not a big fan of alternative rock bands in the US, but European music is entirely distinct, which makes me happy. – Anyway, this seems more like a 2008 compilation rather than one for 2009, but this was the first quarter of my 2009 playlist, so it’s interesting to see which songs had serious staying power.  I’ll go ahead and say that also, 2009 had a lot of sucky music which might explains these 5  first choices, too.

Part 2 arrives tomorrow, and no worries – things start to take a turn toward a mysterious direction.  As in Korean Pop takes over.


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