McRoth’s Top Songs of 2009 [Part 2]

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After some reminiscing, I decided to compile a list of 15 artists that I indulged in this year.  This year was rather interesting because 2009 was the year that Korean pop culture decided to take over half of my life and reveal to me the beauty and awesomeness of K-pop.  It’s as if my taste in music did a back flip and transformed, honestly.  And this list is definite evidence of that.

This was a frustrating process, 1.) because I listened to VARIOUS artists – I didn’t even know where to begin, and 2.) choosing which songs summed up the top players of this year was an extra load of agony.  But I did it.  I even cheated a bit and added bonus contenders that were close to making my top 15 list.

[FYI: Many of these songs weren’t released in the year 2009, but were listened to by my humble ears, regardless]

Here is part 2 of My Top Songs of 2009

Monica Naranjo – Europa

Although Monica Naranjo’s most recent album, Tarantula, was released April of last year, it came to life for me by the end of 2008 and I played the crap out of it for several months afterward.  While on my stay in Mexico during Spring Break 2009, I really couldn’t put this woman’s music down.  Her title track off the album, Europa, is absolutely beautiful. If you’re a musical dork and want to listen to something distinct with fantastic orchestration and melodies, plus some amazing vocals, this is a definite treat for you.  You can really tell there was some serious thinking behind this song, and, er, I love it.

Little Boots – Meddle

Little Boots produces the kind of pop music that I enjoy and wish was heard more here in the US.  She shows that it doesn’t take much processing to come out with brilliant songs, unlike the nasties that rule the lame music charts here, such as that disgusting Miley Cyrus.  Little Boots’ vocals are subtle, but her lively melodies and sweet instrumentation makes her music sound super cool.  She is just peachy fun!

Paolo Nutini – Candy

Paolo Nutini makes music that almost doesn’t reflect him at his age, that’s looking at it from the outside.  He’s 22 and creates music that has been said to be “wise beyond this songwriter’s years“, which is almost dead on with what I think sometimes when I listen to his music.  He debuted his second album, Sunny Side Up, in May and both the lyrics and recording are compelling pieces of work.  Candy is one of my favorite songs of his, ever.  It’s soft and delightfully beautiful.

Pet Shop Boys – Vulnerable

PSB are one of my favorite pop groups of all time.  I cherish all of their songs, they are indicative of who I am.  Pet Shop Boys really know how to make pop music, it’s what they’re all about and come on, it’s all catchy.  Vulnerable in particular details the specific kind of music that I deeply enjoy; subtle, melodic, and soft.  It’s like one of those songs that I can rely on, almost like a bff.  :D  Music doesn’t have to always be over the top and showy to be cool.

Big Bang – My Heaven

Alright, so sometime in June, I was watching some random videos on youtube when I stumbled upon this song.  It must have been fate.  I was so naive too, because I thought it was Japanese at first.  I had no idea what they were saying, who they were or what on earth I was doing trailing behind this unfamiliar culture.  I thought they’re fashion was pretty out there, and the music didn’t sound half bad, so I dug a little deeper and OMFG I quickly discovered what is now referred to as K-pop.  K POP!  My Heaven, ironically, later became part of my actual heaven, Korea, Korean media and Korean culture.  I love it all, I will always love it, and thank you Big Bang.

part 3 arrives tomorrow


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