I Want to Veer My Focus…

…and genuinely provide something substantial, thoughtful, and fun on this blog.  I started blogging on tumblr in 2008 and eventually transferred my online residence to this one in October 2009.  I basically made a hobby out of reading blogs and re-posting items and news with my particular point of view and brief commentary right here with, really, nothing else to offer. I came to realized that what I do is literally done thousands of times by hundreds of thousands of people. I can be considered a part of the herd –

HOWEVER, I feel like altering that blogger mold this year by exhibiting the talents I posses and give birth to a hybrid; a crossbreed of my fortes (an understanding of music and how it’s composed, visual design, an artistic history, etc) and the goods I enjoy (general design, music with a non-suckish factor, Korean culture, and uh, etc).

I have some thoughts for the near future, which consist of me getting my hands wrecked and messy, socializing with other bloggers, and getting creative with my posts to honestly give this place some good ole’ sex appeal.

I. Want. A. Sexy. Blog. ~ And this is what I have in mind to achieve that status:

  • Okay, I wont lie.  I’ve really tripped into the Korean pop culture world and I will focus 80% of my music-related energy on it and the remaining % on everything else happening in the world.  I actually love European music and some stuff from my motherland (Mexico) and anything else sung in Spanish dialect.  There is a crap load of fantastic shit out there, you don’t even know and I will blog about it from my POV.  WHAT Point of View am I talking about?  Well
    • I was in Orchestra throughout my school life and played the Cello for 8 years – I was pretty good at it, too.  And by ‘pretty’, I mean ‘very’.  :P
    • because of that, I have developed a good ear for the orchestration and composition of music and it’s something I can’t really shed or rid myself of.  Most people like to listen to music, but I listen to music.  There’s a distinction, if you will, and I understand it from the inside out.  But I wont rub that in anyone’s face, cuz that’s lame.
  • Another thing – I really want to start showing off my work (as in sculptures, paintings, sketches, etcccc.) and fuse it all with K-pop, cuz I goddamn love it so much.  I have some little ideas, but I’ll lay everything out when I have it all ready.  I don’t call myself an artist because I believe when someone labels themselves with that title, it’s nothing but egotistical crap.  I don’t do it because that’s someone else’s choice.  I just make things and put it out there.  Yes, I’ve won competitions and awesome awards, but it’s all no big whoop.
    • I sculpt
    • I paint
    • I create

Did I mention that I want to reach Sexy Blog status?


What is your opinion?

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