[Unfinished List]

  1. Amy Winehouse
    • sans the coke
    • but with a bigger beehive
  2. M.I.A.
    • Her Kala follow-up is actually in the works
    • It’s said to be a Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective record – YES! –
  3. Girls Aloud
    • Actually, I just want more Nicola Roberts
  4. El Guincho
    • I’ve about reached that point where I need more hypnotic tracks reminiscent of Palmitos Park
    • And KALISE
  5. 2NE1
    • They haven’t really been gone, but still
    • I want to see if they can up the ante this year
  6. FT Island
    • I kinda miss their ballads of melancholy
    • And I’d like to throw in Oh Won Bin in here, cuz I thought his song on the You’re Beautiful OST was quite charming and I want to hear from him again.

    ‘to be continued…’



    BTW, After School has captured my playlist’s repeat-function hostage!


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