The Day of Three Kings

Today is the Epiphany holiday!  I’m not religious or anything, but it is celebrated in my motherland and in my family.  With all due respect, for me, it’s another excuse to pig out on delicious pastries and indulge in wonderful gifts.

I recognize this day as El Dia de los Reyes (or Magos) and it falls every January 6th.  I’ll just take a little excerpt from Wikipedia because I’m not all that familiar with today’s history – just the fact that it exists.

It is “the day when a group of Kings or Magi, as related in the second chapter of the gospel of Matthew, arrived to worship and bring three gifts to the baby Jesus after following a star in the heavens.” Which is the basic gist to it.  I do know that on the same day, it is tradition or ritual to serve a little pastry (and by little, I mean huge) known as a Rosca, or Roscon.  Shall I describe it to you or just show you a visual of how massively unhealthy this thing looks?

Just feast your eyes on this thing!

And inside this thing lies a baby doll representing Jesus Christ:

The purpose of the doll varies among different parts of Spain and Latin America – in my case, whoever finds the doll while devouring the Rosca has to throw a party -not sure when exactly- offering a nice array of dishes for everyone.  :D

Gifts are also involved.  You can look at the Three Kings as three Santa Clauses, cuz they basically bring gifts to all the children and in Mexico, El Dia De Los Reyes is the equivalence to Christmas Day.  Which means three times the gifts!

If you’re curious, go out and bye a Rosca.  They’re pretty delicious and a nice way to enjoy your family’s company. Just watch out for that doll.  xD

La Rosca de los Reyes is in my house as I type this, so imma go and enjoy it before it’s all gone!


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