I Would Love… [Updated]

…to have more readers -_-  I’d like to hear some nice suggestions on how to kick up my number of readers.  I’m not getting any feedback whats so ever.  I’m thinking of taking down the ‘You’re Beautiful’ episode-to-episode posts, because it seems to be the only focus right now, and not that it entirely bothers me, but I do post about other subjects of interest as well.

I’m a rookie at this blogging thing.  If it’s any good, let me know. :D ///  cuz it feels like I’m talking to myself sometimes…


Coincidentally, the youtube channel I used for my You’re Beautiful sources has been suspended.  I don’t know where to start, I’ll probably have to go through my posts and either filter them out or update them, which ever seems more logical. >_<

I’ve learned that posting series of videos (such as dramas or Korean variety shows) will eventually end up useless because youtube will always do it’s terms of use violators, so I wont be doing much of those anymore.  I’ll focus on some k-pop reviews, personal updates, etc.  You know, stuff I care about.  OH!  And something new – I will start doing a little digging and talk about Korean musicians I like that aren’t specifically considered mainstream, bubblegum pop, as well.  Which will be a challenge, but I’ll try my best.


One thought on “I Would Love… [Updated]

  1. mcroth–
    Agree on the variety show comment. Dead youtube videos are some of the most annoying thing to encounter.
    I’ve never seen any reviews of anything but RECENT releases… I would definitely enjoy reviews of older releases also, stuff that was released before your blog was up.
    And something I would really like to see more of on music blogs is to take time to review or analyze an artist’s overall talent and ability. Or in most of kpop’s case, pick apart the different levels of vocal or dancing talent in boybands/girlgroups.

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