Ataque de Pánico!

Relatively unknown director Fede Alvarez has directed and animated a 5 minute short film titled Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!).  The film is about giant robots invading Montevideo.  It took about a year to edit and $300 worth of shooting live action through Uruguay’s city to bring this nice idea to life.  Although the concept isn’t new to everyone, you have to admit that with such a small budget, Fede Alvarez made something pretty awesome here and he also made it clear that it doesn’t take millions of dollars to produced fantastic visuals.

But wait.  After uploading his short film onto youtube, and receiving over 5,000,000 hits, he now has a $30M Hollywood deal o_o which he will most likely use to blow this type of idea to the big screen.  Wow.

And FYI : I’m also a fan of the music :P


What is your opinion?

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