After 2 Years, Min Kyung-Hoon is Back

Min Kyung-Hoon, once the main vocalist of Korean rock band Buzz, will be back with his forthcoming solo mini-album on February 4th.  He had originally planned to release his album in 2009, but was postponed to refine and perfect the quality to produce the best possible record.  He will start appearing on TV and radio shows to promote his latest work, the title of which I don’t know yet.

“His latest album shows a musical style that is quite different from the one he represented before” – KBS World

His first solo album, Impressive (2007) could be described, in one word, as melancholy and his voice suits the ‘rock-ballad’ genre rather nicely.  It’s powerful and impressive,  showcased beautifully in his single ‘Sad Fool‘.

I don’t know how his upcoming album will be like, only that Min Kyung-hoon is confident that the fans will be pleased with the quality of his work.

(2007 Performance)

Before Min Kyung-hoon‘s solo career, he and 4 other members made up the rock band BUZZMin Kyung-hoon, Son Sung Hee, Shin Joon Ki, Yoon Woo Hyun, and Kim Yae Joon debuted in October of 2003 with their hit track ‘Maybe‘, which gained them much popularity.  They spread into the Japanese market and later in 2005, released their second album, Buzz Effect.  The title track ‘Coward‘ was a huge hit.  Furthermore, two songs – ‘Gliding’ and ‘Fighting Sprit’ – were used as the Korean opening for the largely popular Japanese anime Naruto.

But it was in 2007 when Buzz faced the end of the road when 4 of the members had begun their militarized 26 month mandatory service in the South Korean Army.  If you don’t know, in South Korea, men are required to serve the military for a certain amount of time.  I found that out last year when I’d occasionally read about artists suddenly entering the military for service. That doesn’t happen here, so it was interesting to learn about that. Anyway, Min Kyung- hoon continued as a solo performer and in January 2008 it was announced that Buzz was officially no more.


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