‘Comebacks’ in the Making + Cool Man Boobs

Although I wouldn’t consider 2AM‘s new mini album a ‘comeback‘ because, honestly, they haven’t really gone anywhere, it’s good to hear they have new material and I’m eager to listen to it.  I’ve heard their title track Never Let You Go’ and it’s pretty good.

I know 2AM is a pop-ballad ensemble and I am a BIG fan of ballads, but I believe I might have a tiny fit when I listen to the entire album (what’s with mini-albums ??) and I’ll explain that later in a review of the thing in a forthcoming post.  As for now, I’m liking this song and it’s funny seeing JoKwon this serious so suddenly.  What a diva.

Another group releasing new material soon is Trax – a group I’m unfamiliar to but will be watching out for this weekend during their stage performances.  They’re making an actual comeback, after a 3 year hiatus, and from what I’ve read, this isn’t the entire group.  Their title track ‘Cold Hearted Man‘ or ‘Let You Godoesn’t sound half bad.  The chorus has a pleasant melody and who ever is singing has fantastic vocals.

I’m gonna have to do a lot of lyric searching and translating if I want to experience these group’s music to the max.  And speaking of translating, I just have to say that using Google Translate was the definite highlight of my day, because earlier I had tried translating 가슴이차가운남자 and OMFG I literally LOLed when I saw what Google thought it said:


Okay, anyway, I’m not sure how much of a comeback this next group is, but holy crap they are good.  Mate released their latest mini-album on the 20th and here’s the track list to With Mate:

01 It's All About Love
02 Better
03 이제 다시
04 Go
05 Dear My Mate
06 긴 시간의 끝

I recommend you go and search for their music cuz it’s beautiful.  It’s nice to have this influx of great music -2AM, C.N Blue, Trax, Mate, Min Kyung-hoon, right before those disgusting girls of SNSD take over every Korean website on earth.  If you haven’t noticed, I am not a fan of them.  They can go suck it, for all I care.

Listen to ‘Better‘ off With Mate – you’ll have no regrets:


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