[Review] ‘Because of You’ Remixed…sort of…

It’s no secret that After School‘s latest single Because of You is their biggest hit yet.  The song is really good and it’s pretty popular.  I like it.  I think it’s terribly catchy and I don’t mind the rapping at all – in fact, I’m a fan of rap, and when woman are doing it, get outta town!  It’s good.

They debuted the single last winter and right when it was reaching the vanishing point, they bust out an official remixed version.  As far as remixes go, they are 1.) instrumentally distinct from the original track and 2.) distorted (either nicely or disgustingly) into something you’d most likely hear in a club.  That’s how most remixes sound.  There are some out there which are really good, such as Mariah Carey‘s ‘Heartbreaker‘ remix which was, I dunno, AMAZING.  It had a life of its own – the original was minuscule in comparison.

And there are some which aren’t so amazing – I will gently place After School’s ‘Because of You’ Remix in this lovely category because it is border-line not remixed at all.  It doesn’t veer enough from the original to enthuse me as a remix should.  It’s a questionable remix and you can blast a song with all the synths you want, but if it sounds like an overcrowded version of the original, it’s not good enough.  The original is great!  This ‘remix’, not so much.


What is your opinion?

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