[mini-Review] Oh!MFG SNSD

mmmkay, I’m not much of an SNSD (Girl’s Generation) fanatic, but I’ll admit that their newest album doesn’t necessarily suck, it just sucks less for me than I thought it would.

I’m still indifferent about this group, but I’ll acknowledge their existence just a little bit.  Their latest single, Oh!, has effortlessly won over the little souls of Korean girls (and probably some boys, too) with its cutesy bubblegum-pop charm and cheerleader concept.  And although ‘Oh!‘ – after several replays – started to sound half-bad to me, I was somewhat surprised that the rest of the album didn’t really relate to that song at all.  All of the songs are sung by the same group of ladies, but I had to question the album’s cohesiveness at times when I first listened to it.  Frankly, SNSD can do without some of the songs, like 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever), which is boring as hell.  The album has a really good start, it’s up-tempo, then it slows down, and then it reaaaaaally slows down.  I’m not fond of music when it does that, but that’s just personal preference.  But let me go back to ‘Oh!‘ – I personally think this song doesn’t have much of a place on this album other than its commercial purposes.  It is good for sales, but it doesn’t define the album, at least not for me.  I can hear how you can squeeze ‘Oh!‘ in here, but if you have to squeeze anything to make something fit, it’s most likely gonna stand out.  If it’s in a good way, bad way, that’s your choice.

Here’s my overall review – short and brief, track by track :

2.)  Show! Show! Show!

  • If this song was a person, I’d define him/her as monotone and forgettable
  • 2:25 into the song o_O umm, okay maybe not THAT forgettable ; that unexpected transition was lovely. Beyond that point, I was infatuated with this song.  Sucks that a lot of it is crap at the beginning.

3.) &Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)

  • In love with the instrumental – super cute and memorable
  • The melodies are much better than the last song – MUCH, much better…
  • Why does it feel like I’m listening to Japanese-anime music???  It’s probably the strings – they do that a lot.

4.) 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)

  • I could care less about this song ; Sounds like a Disney theme song reject
  • This song side by side with the last one don’t relate to one another At. All.

5.)  웃자 (Be Happy)

  • Not a bad song, but highly forgettable…for now
  • Border line annoying

6.) 화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls) feat. Key (SHINee)

  • I thought this album was heading down a gross path, but this song saved it some
  • Not loving the chorus
  • Featuring Key?!? I beg to differ…

7.)  카라 커피 (Talk To Me)

  • I wont lie, this is one of the best tracks on the album for sure
  • It’s so lounge, I really like that
  • I do have to point out, again, it’s not as cohesive of an album as it should be, but judging this song all by itself, I LOVE it >_<

8.)  별별별 (☆★☆)

  • I’m not jumping out of my seat…
  • their English is pretty good…

9.) 무조건 딩 (Stick Wit U)

  • SNSD on speed!
  • It’s a fun song; it has a Japanese-anime sound…again
  • I’m not loving the ending

10.)  좋은 일만 생각하기 (Day by Day)

  • Dunno wassup, but this sounds SO Japanese to me…what is it!?
  • It’s not that bad of a song, I don’t hate it
  • Again, don’t see the relationship between this song and, say, the second track…hmm.

11.)  Gee

12.)  Genie

Both Gee and Genie aren’t new songs so I’ll pretend that they don’t exist here.  BUT they certainly have their little charm and are really good K-pop songs, if listened to in moderation.

as for Oh!

  • It’s tolerable
  • dreadfully catchy

Comments are welcome!


2 thoughts on “[mini-Review] Oh!MFG SNSD

  1. this album is complete shit. im surprised you listened to the whole thing though haha. for me Show! Show! Show! is the best song, if you add run devil run that makes 2, and oh! is ok. so reallyy, only 3 songs.

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