[02.01.2010] My Top Songs of the Last 7 Days


I’ve compiled a short list of my top 10 songs that I replayed the most in the last 7 days.  For the month of February, I’ll be using CN Blue as the header for these weekly posts.  Is that cool?  I mean, they’ve basically exploded into this big Korean band now, so they’re deserving of a little something special on my behalf.  Yes, and this list is in no particular order.

Peace out for now,


  1. 치유 (Healing) (Feat. Key From SHINee) // 트랙스(Trax)
  2. Without You // 유키스 (U-KISS)
  3. Giving Up the Gun // Vampire Weekend
  4. I’m a Loner // C.N. Blue
  5. 민초의 난 // MC Sniper (Chuno OST)
  6. 바꿔 // Gloomy 30s (Chuno OST)
  7. I Love You (feat. 백찬, 주희 of 8eight) // 2AM
  8. 무조건 해피엔딩 (Stick Wit U) // 소녀시대 (SNSD/Girl’s Generation)
  9. Oh! // 소녀시대 (SNSD/Girl’s Generation)
  10. Cousins // Vampire Weekend

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