Music Bank [05.02.2010]

I hardly watch and blog about these weekly music programs because 1.) every other blog and site does it and 2.) it’s just plain redundant.  I mean, you basically start sounding like a robot after re-posting the same stuff week after week.  However, I’ll occasionally give it a go, such as this week for instance, so here comes Music Bank (which will later be followed by Music Core and Inkigayo):

(oh, another reason I hardly blog about these weekly music programs is because most of the videos I use eventually stop working, which irritates me like hell)

Music Bank [05.02.2010]

I know a lot of artists participate on all three music programs, who perform a total of three times by the end of the week, but I’ll only cover those performers which interest me and are worth mentioning.

SNSD//Girl’s Generation ~ ‘Oh!

  • I’m personally not a big fan of the choreography to this song.  It doesn’t look so hot near the end, and it’s true that you can dress all 9 women in the hottest outfits ever, but if they can’t handle the choreography while singing simultaneously it’s still going to look like a hot mess.  Two of them failed at standing on one foot.
  • I’ll admit, I started liking this song a little after it came out, but now it’s kind of diminishing for me.  I suppose it lacks staying-power.
  • Congrats to them though, they won #1 on Kchart with this song.

U-KISS ~ ‘Bangeul Bangeul (Round and Round)

  • oooh, first performance of this song.  I always watch first performances ~ who else thought this basically looked like the MV?  It kind of feels like we’re on set with them during filming hours.
  • This song doesn’t call for much vocal ability, so I think they actually did a pretty good job in the singing department.
  • Clean performance, with a capital C

C.N Blue ~ ‘Love Love Love

  • Love these guys.  I want to quickly point out that C.N Blue look quite handsome here.  I mean, you can never go wrong with a fedora.
  • I’d feel miserable having to pluck at my instrument without really being able to play it.  That’s the downside to these lame music programs.  They invest so much on these elaborate sets (and I mean ELABORATE) when they can spend all of their money elsewhere, such as providing the right equipment for these bands to play live.

Min Kyung-hoon ~ ‘아프니까 사랑이죠’

  • If you don’t know who this is or what group he’s from, you need some guidance, because he is wonderful.  If you didn’t know, Koreans love this guy and BUZZ (the Band he used to be in).
  • His vocals are beautiful, which makes this song 10x more likable.  I love that extra slow vibrato he does in the chorus – Oh man, I can listen to this for a while.
  • However, his outfit is a different story – not sure what THAT’s all about.

Trax ~ ‘Let You Go

  • TRAX was great.  Please don’t watch this video because of SNSD’s Seohyun.  She honestly did nothing to make this song any better, just because it’s her on piano is irrelevant – they can get anyone to play that intro and outro.
  • Focus on the vocalist, because he has great range and sounds amazing in the group’s latest album.  Parts of this song kind of remind me of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.  Right?  There are definite similarities, but people should recognize the distinction between influence and plagiarism (that’s just my thought on those lame issues).

After School ~ ‘When I fall

  • This is one issue I have with a lot of K-pop performers (generally women); the choice to whisper songs over singing them.  I really enjoy After School’s music, but this is a nice example of that little pet peeve I just mentioned.  Most K-pop artists love to sing softly into their mics, almost to a whisper.  I think that’s a bad habit to have as a singer.  You can whisper right now, wherever you are, and think you sound great, and that’s what After School has done here.  There’s probably technique and good voices in there, but to get a good sense of a good singing voice, you just have to let people hear it, loud and clear.
  • Frankly, I think After School was formed with so many members just to have ‘that many’ of them.  A third of After School don’t really have impressive voices (which goes for A LOT of other K-pop groups) and are better off being backup singers or simply being eliminated.  Having such a large group doesn’t make those people much money, either.  For example, Super Junior has to split their money 13 ways.  A huge part of their money goes to their agency (SME), then bye-bye for taxes and what is left has to be split into 13 amounts.  They’re really not making much, and that’s why all these idols are all over the place because they have to make money doing extra activities.
  • But at least the two members up front are really trying to do a good job.

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