U-KISS’ Official MV for 빙글빙글

I’ve gradually grown to like this group.  Although this particular song isn’t the best thing to land in my life, it isn’t that bad.  I think Without You is much better, along with 만만하니.  Actually, 빙글빙글 sounds a lot like 만만하니, which I guess isn’t a bad thing.  The choreography is pretty similar, as well, now that I think about it.  As far as this MV goes, if there is any trace of a concept, I don’t see it.  And on a side note,  I feel sorry for the mankae, cuz going from a dark hair color all the way to a freaking blonde is quite damaging to the hair and scalp.  It’s also hard to manage, so good luck to him.

I’d give anything to be one of the U-KISS members that doesn’t do much of anything, other than follow the choreography and occasionally shout ‘oh!’ throughout the song.  No offense or anything.


What is your opinion?

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