[mini-Review] I Recommend Giving ‘Reunion’ a Listen

If I had to recommend you a piece of music this week, I’d give that honor to Min Kyung-hoon‘s recent album, Reunion.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  I really enjoy heavy ballads with a significant depth of emotion.  This is basically the epitome of a powerful ballad album, and what lifts Reunion‘s credibility is it’s amazing orchestration.  It has some serious dynamics.  ‘삭제되었습니다’ is the best example of what I’m talking about.  When I praise the orchestration in this song, I mean the entire orchestration – it’s made up of every component in a unified orchestra; from the strings, to the winds, to the piano and background choir.  It’s a well thought out song, and it makes me happy when I listen to such a quality ballad worthy of its dramatic nature.


It’s not a secret that ballads are universally dramatic.  And there is a right way of creating one.  You know it when a ballad is done right the moment you start listening to one.  A lot of crappy mainstream songs are empty and lie so damn flat, that the second the word ‘boring‘ settles into your head, you know it’s bad.  A real fan of ballads knows that the good ones are never boring.  It’s all intuitive.  Ballads are meant to connect to the listener’s emotions, not entertain them.  Well, they ‘are’ entertaining, but you know what I mean.

삭제되었습니다 :

Click here to know a little more about Min Kyung-hoon.  I give this album two thumbs up.


What is your opinion?

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