Noise Pollution, Leave Me Alone!

It’s Sunday here, February 07 – and it’s the big Superbowl celebratory day.  My younger sister is watching it at her friend’s house, while I’m at home, not watching it at all, because frankly, I’m not interested.  It’s pretty obvious though, that our neighbors are enjoying some football festivities downstairs and across the road because omfg they’re loud. It’s pretty hard to escape it, but I’m hanging in there.  I really don’t mind their enthusiasm, as long as they keep it down.

Someone else who needs to keep it down is the man who lives right next to my bedroom window that owns the white trailer truck.  Oh man, I know he can’t do anything about it, but that thing is scary loud.  I don’t know what he’s doing bringing such a huge vehicle into an apartment complex.  He takes up three parking spots and the thing that irritates me most is the amount of time he sits out there inside his massive trailer truck while it is on.  It’s louder than a firetruck, no joke.

And when I thought that was the end of my troubles, I walk into the living room (about ten minutes ago) and I hear the same car alarm that’s been on for, I dunno, thirty minutes.  It just wont shut the fuck up.  It’s still wailing as I type this, loud and proud.  That car has no mercy, let me tell you.

My solution:  I’m going into the shower and cross my fingers all that noise pollution is gone by the time I’m out.




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