[Review] 2NE1’s Newest ~ ‘Try to Follow Me’

Whoa~!  I didn’t even see this one coming.

On February 9th (Korean time), 2NE1 sparked out of no where, unleashed a brand new song and it spread like a wild fire.  Most sites haven’t even quite settled with a proper translation of the song’s title, which ranges from ‘Try to Copy Me’ to ‘Follow Me’.  ‘Try to Follow Me‘ seems alright, so we’ll go with that for now.

@allkpop confirms that 2NE1’s latest track is for an upcoming Samsung CF.  2NE1 are no longer partnering with Big Bang for Cyon’s Lollipop (shame…) so this move seems pretty logical.  They have toned down their ensembles this time around, which is a little different from their debut when they were wearing those bright patterns and extremely loud colors.  This is more of an inside voice shouting across a room or something, but still trendy and fun nonetheless.

Okay, now let’s hear the song~!


The one thing that bugged me straight off was that gross English CL spat out at the beginning.  – What hood did she visit to pick up such bad grammar? –  ‘Ain’t‘ isn’t technically a word, just FYI, and I know it’s used a lot, but it just didn’t sound right coming out of her mouth.

I don’t want to say that I was disappointed, but just a little underwhelmed the very first time I heard this song.  I’m not sure what it is yet…probably that strange chorus.

I really like the verses and the beat and almost everything except the chorus.  If you listen to the chorus one too many times, it starts to get on your nerves.  I think Teddy (the producer) missed the mark there, but nice try, nice try.

As a whole, I like it.  It kind of (KIND OF!) grew on me after a few takes, some breaks, and some more takes, which I’m glad about because I am a big fan of this group.  2NE1 have a good sense of their musical style.  I mean, you listen to this and automatically know who it is and where they’re going, unlike several other Korean girl groups that are blind, lost and can’t seem to identify themselves with any particular genre.

I like this song’s wit and charm.  Although their voices are practically nonexistent, that’s not the point of ‘Try to Follow Me‘.  This is meant to be more of an experience.  One artist I can compare 2NE1 to is definitely M.I.A.  If you’ve ever heard some M.I.A. before, you know what I mean when I say that these songs aren’t focused on their vocal strength.

The processing doesn’t really bother me.  They processed their voices from beginning to end, so it isn’t as irritating, but I will point out that Sandara totally got extra auto-tuned here.

I’m anxious to see their CF and what they’ve got in store for their upcoming album.


What is your opinion?

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