[15.02.2010] My Top Songs of the Last 7 Days

While I thought MIKA‘s new album last year was just okay, one of his songs managed to enthuse me last week.  That, and 2NE1’s CF song, ‘Try to Follow Me‘, made it in – by the way, I hope they do well in their Music Core debut.

Plenty of repeats this time:

  1. Try to Follow Me // 2NE1
  2. Rain // MIKA
  3. 파트타임러버 (Part Time Lover) // Clazziquai
  4. 아프니까 사랑이죠 // 민경훈
  5. 뭐라고 // U-KISS
  6. I Will…Forget You… // C.N. Blue
  7. Jojo // SHINee
  8. Bang Bang Bang // U-KISS
    • I’m becoming a bigger fan of this group the more I listen to their music
  9. Oh! // SNSD/Girl’s Generation (소녀시대)
  10. 치유 (Healing) (Feat. Key From SHINee) // 트랙스(Trax)
    • If Key is in it, I’m satisfied ^^!

2 thoughts on “[15.02.2010] My Top Songs of the Last 7 Days

    • I really do. 2NE1’s latest song may not be the best song ever, but I’d rather listen to that over what T-ara just released, any day. The quality is just terrible, but I only speak for myself.

      Agree or disagree, thanks for commenting~! :)

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