It just happens

People need to understand a few things ~

  1. this is a 5 second GIF taken out of its original context.  No-one can entirely provide sufficient evidence to explain what on earth was going on before and after these 3 seconds back in August. It appears brutal, but there just isn’t enough here for a conclusive set of facts.
  2. This most likely happens more times than we know or would like to admit. If this was really a big deal, representatives would have come out with an apology months prior to now, when it actually happened. SM Entertainment apologized only because someone had shed light onto this particular incident.   It just simply isn’t a priority.   I mean, come on, SM is already in hot water, so they had no choice but to respond.  The genuineness of their apology is questionable, but it’s done and that’s all that matters to that agency.
  3. Accept the fact that this is in South Korea. It has a different culture and distinctive customs.   Ethics and morals aren’t universal.  Simply because you or I think this man’s physical actions were ‘mean’ doesn’t build a case against what he did.  (I don’t condone violence, if that’s what you’re thinking right now)  Judgement shouldn’t be placed on either the manager or the group for their actions when we frankly do not know a single one of them or the circumstance.  This is a 5 second GIF, for crying out loud.

It’s obvious that a lot of people are disturbed and angry, but they’re also blasting their emotions impulsively (especially at SHINee), which is ridiculous and I advise and hope people make the choice to think things out all the way.

Can you seriously calculate the force this man used on the girl based on this GIF alone?

[PS]  Although violence is wrong and I don’t approve of it, these situations DO happen frequently.  I’m looking right now, but I have definitely seen this kind of brute force with DBSK fanatics, as well.

All things considered, I think this is a good learning lesson for both SME management and fanatics alike.


6 thoughts on “It just happens

  1. I pretty much agree with all of you said here, especially your third point — speaking as someone who’s studying anthropology. That it isn’t to say that you can’t have your own personal opinions (or that we condone violence as a solution), but simply to avoid ethnocentrism when making judgments about what happens in other nations’ cultures, particularly when you don’t know the context — not just in that situation, but tracing back in time as well (long-term). As you’ve said, it is a good learning lesson for the management and the fans.

    • Exactly :D Fanatics get too caught up in their emotions, that they jump to crazy conclusions without understanding anything and blow things way out of proportion. It confuses me. o_O

      Thanks for commenting, Len~!

      • No problem! ^^ I may not always be able to comment, but it’s always nice to discuss these kind of issues with people calmly and civilly. :)

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