[Updated with Full Audio and HD CF] Lollipop 2.0

Big Bang‘s second version of a ‘Lollipop‘ song is making its rounds on the blogosphere, so here it is.  This isn’t the official promotional video, just a behind the scenes preview.  When the real deal appears, I’ll update this post.

They look even more slick and hot in this one, no?

Check out the preview for yourselves:


Here’s the CF all of the masses have been anticipating.  This video is LQ, but that won’t stop you from watching it, will it? in HD!

If you’re a Taeyang fan, it pains me to inform you that he was apparently forgotten in this 19 second CF.  Even the Lollipop Girl has more screen time than he does, which is just a shame.  Hopefully they do a re-edit and add him in there.

But fear not, because the full audio will definitely satisfy you.  This is probably some of the nicest Taeyang vocals captured on record, ever.  His deeper singing sounds awesome, along with Seungri, proving Big Bang’s extraordinary talent has definitely matured.

What are your thoughts on the new Lollipop song and CF?

Does Taeyang’s lack of screen time bother you?

My thoughts on the whole thing:

I can’t help but like this song.  It isn’t as in your face as last year’s Lollipop colab with 2NE1.  No lie, last year’s was catchy and a serious hit, but it eventually grew off me and it was almost border-line ‘shut the fuck up‘ material.  I’m not sure if I will say the same with this one, but so far, it’s pleasing enough to play on repeat for an hour or so.

Plus, their fashion is making me go bonkers, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it all, head to toe.  Someone get me their shoes, size 9US in men, STAT!

one more sneak peek :D


What is your opinion?

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