Twitter + blogroll Suggestions

Wassup~!   I want to note that I’m on Twitter and I welcome you guys to follow me.  It would be a nice way to connect with people and help me figure out good material for future topics and reviews here on my blog.  Also:

  • If you’re in the US or an international fanatic, I’ll be tweeting about American Idol starting next week [22.02.2010].  The actual voting process will begin, so no more BSing around.
  • Any Korean/non-Korean bands or artists you would like me to know about?  Let me know.
  • I’ll follow you ;D

don’t forget @rothsresidence and RT

This is all in part to expand my audience and connect with other bloggers.  I don’t necessarily re-post or announce the latest k-pop news because better skilled websites already have that down.  And it’s redundant.  I’m a fanboy; I say and review what I want, on the subjects that interest me.

Anyone is welcome to blogroll ‘McRoth’s Residence‘ and leave your site’s URL so I can do the same.

Sound fair? ^^

McRoth’s Residence:

Fanboy blogger, keeping up with Korean pop culture and sharing my input like it’s my business

Contact: mcrothsresidence@gmail.com


One thought on “Twitter + blogroll Suggestions

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