[Review] The Crash and Burn that is T-ara

Just as a refresher:  There’s a K-pop girl group that goes by the stage name of T-ara (or Tiara) who have released some popular singles in the past year, such as ‘Lies‘, the joint project with SupernovaTTL‘ and ‘TTL .2‘, and most recently, ‘Bo Beep Bo Beep‘ and ‘Like the First Time‘.


I hadn’t really thought much of this group.  Perhaps a little boring and bland, but nothing more.  I have to admit though, that their ‘TTL‘ collaboration with Supernova was hot.  By far the best thing they’ve come up with.  It had that sass I like to hear in songs sometimes.  It’s still great.  But I can say now that all that praise was cut short the day ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep‘ rose from the pits of hell and clawed its way into K-pop.  Lord have mercy.

A curse will probably be cast on me if I talk about this song any longer, so just listen to it right here if you’d like to hear it.

But all artists have their lackluster moments, no?  In fact, a lot of T-ara’s other songs from the same album ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ was in aren’t half bad.  They just don’t know how to promote the good stuff.

Which leads me to today, alas, the day which T-ara unleashes another train wreck track from Hades set to be promoted by this weekend.  Here’s the latest, ‘I Go Crazy Because of You‘:

Now, I think while Britney Spears was piecing together her ‘Circus‘ album last year, she lost this song along the way.   I mean, come on, this has ‘Womanizer‘ tagged all over it.  And as much as the masses over here in the US loved seeing Britney come back from her own trip to hell, we are not, or ever will be, ready for a ‘Womanizer’ reincarnation.  I’m actually speaking for myself (duh, my blog), and yeah, it’s a Korean release, but sucky music is sucky music, regardless.

T-ara’s voices are so distorted in this track that it doesn’t register to me that an actual group is singing this song.  I really can’t say anything else about their vocals right now, so I’m moving on to um, the rest of the song.  The verses aren’t that great.  Nor is the chorus.  But to be honest, I don’t know where one verse ends and the chorus begins, sooo yeah.

I don’t want people to think I’m some Negative Nancy (or Nathan, since I’m a guy?), but I’m just not a fan of T-ara’s newest song at all.  Am I the only one?

[I’ll finish this review off with ‘I’m Really Hurt’ soon]


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