A Taste Of: Some Mexican Pop & Rock

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to introduce some other music outside of the usual ‘K-pop‘ stuff that I regularly talk about.  Korean pop music isn’t the only greatness out there, so to mix things up a bit, I want to veer the lighting a little bit on some Mexican pop and rock groups that personally interest me.

Pictured above is Sergio, the lead guitarist of an alternative Latin-rock band named Zoé.  This group’s musical style can be described as a little bit of grunge mixed with a little bit of Britpop.  I started listening to this group a couple years ago, but they’ve actually been musically involved for well over a decade.

I first heard their most recent album, Reptilectric (2008), on the internet and I was instantly hooked with one of the most addictive singles they promoted from this album titled “Nada“.

I really enjoy the subtle sound of the lead vocalist’s voice.  It sets them apart from other groups I’ve heard, along with the ominous instrumentation and creepy synths.  My obsession right now though, is their latest single, ‘Poli‘.  It’s such a sweet song, and the melodies are spot on-beautiful.  I mean, this is what bliss sounds like.

Do you like Zoé?

Anyway, switching things up :  Who’s into ballads?

Well, I might just have the queen of all ballads right here for you.  Her name is Yuridia and she is one of the hottest singers in the Mexican music scene as of the last few years.

Yuridia rose to fame through the popular Mexican talent show called La Academia.  It’s a lot like American Idol.  The show runs live on Sundays, with a group of 4 judges, where the viewers at home are allowed to vote for their favorite contestant to stay and who may eventually reach the end and be crowned winner of La Academia, win 1Mil pesos and a record deal to launch their music career.

Yuridia came in 2nd in the 4th season of La Academia.  Personally, I thought she was robbed of 1st place, because she was by far the best singer to ever step foot on that show’s stage.  I mean, no one has come close to her level of talent, even 3 seasons after her own.  The most popular song she performed on the show was a Spanish cover of Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels‘.  Let me tell you, Yuridia’s version leaves the original in the dust.

She has now produced three successful albums, which have been nominated and have won her countless awards left and right.  She’s the only contestant from the show to ever accomplish all of that.  WITH BALLADS!  And apparently, she hasn’t lost her touch, because her latest single ‘Irremediable‘ is pretty freaking good.

How do you feel about Yuridia?

I’ll introduce another batch of Mexican artists next week.  ^^


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